New Words: Asktelling and Harwelling

I’ve been pushing hard (to no one but Jason Lief) for more usage of a verb I think invented last summer.

Asktell: To tell or order, only in question form

It’s super helpful, I suppose, if you’re in a position of some power, like an administrative position. For instance, let’s say you want to tell someone what to do, but it make it seem like it’s their idea. Or if you want to give an order, but leave a backdoor to swoop out in case everything goes wrong.

So maybe it’s not super helpful, but it is a thing that exists in the world, the asktell.

He's the one on the far right with the pipe in his mouth. (L-R Ric McBath, Jason "OJ" Schwarz, Me, Matthew Harwell)

He’s the one on the far right with the pipe in his mouth. The other two have also experienced “Harwelling” many times. (L-R Ric McBath, Jason “OJ” Schwarz, Me, Matthew Harwell)

I’d also like to hear more people use the verb “Harwelling”, named for my friend, the actor/model, restauranteer, and all around wonderful human being, Matthew Harwell, who used to come home from long shifts waiting tables at Country Kitchen, turn off all overhead lights, and light a couple candles, to get the mood lighting just right in our fairly unsanitary college house.

Harwelling: the progressive form of Harwell, meaning to turn down the lights to get the mood just right for … relaxing.

So, Invisireaders, your task: find ways to work “asktell” and “Harwelling” into your every day conversations. Especially if you’re ever in Vegas and have the opportunity to stop in at Carson Kitchen.

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