Back to Blogics: “Say[ing] Everything”

It’s been about a year since my last post, which makes it the perfect time to begin again. That, and the fact that I’m currently teaching a class called Digital Journalism where the main assignment is to keep (and grow) a blog over the course of the semester. I’ve promised to get knee deep in the blogmuck just like the rest of them and see if I can do what I’ve assigned.

Part of the class is reading Say Everything by Scott Rosenberg. If you’re interested in blogging (or in the history of the internet), I suggest you check it out. It’s written in the vein of a lot of good informational nonfiction where each chapter is devoted to a different idea via a case study (or two) of real-life people. It’s fascinating (although I grinded through the chapter on political blogging). Check it out.\

My favorite quote thus far (from a chapter on the people who started

“In the meantime, Williams has gone back to basics: his latest company, Twitter, allows people to share updates, as with a blog; but each post, or “tweet”, is limited to 140 characters.”

It’s amazing how ancient a 5 year old book can appear.

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