Criticism, Making up songs, and a Beck Interview

I’ve talked about All Songs Considered before, but if you don’t listen to that podcast, you should. Bob Boilen is so awesome. I was just listening to him and Robin Hilton interview Beck and Beck was saying something about how when he first started making records, they just through everything in and that he wishes there was more room for bad records and how maybe internet criticism put an end to that, but maybe we’re just coming out of that fear of criticism too. He says it much better here:

I’ve never really been a Beck listener. It’s not that I don’t like his music, I’ve just never given it much time. I enjoyed the interview though, thought he was articulate and intelligent and appreciated his ideas about allowing people to just try new things. It’s something I strive for as a teacher; students ought to be able–no, encouraged–to take risks, to ask questions, to try stuff out. And I wish I had a better grasp on it in my creative life. So here goes. This is a commandeered lullaby. I wrote lullaby’s for both my kids and part of Eden’s is included in this track. She’s been asking me a lot about songwriting lately–or in her words, “Making up songs” (Which it is, right?)–and so, someday when she learns how to really use the internet, maybe she’ll stumble across this.

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