Bicycling Habits

photoI ride a bike to work now. Since we now live a half mile from my office and in a small town, we sold our Honda Pilot. One car. It’s great. And my bike is fantastic. I took it Brother’s Bikes, this shop in town that some guy set up in his garage. He asked me what I wanted him to do and I said, I don’t know, make it run better? Smoother? He cocked his head and said, I’ll see what I can do.

When I came back the next day he told me I was missing 1st gear (out of three). I’m thankful he found it.

Sarah and I had this little getaway a couple weeks ago in this town that swears it’s the Bed and Breakfast capital of Minnesota. It was great. We lived with my folks this summer–which was a blessing–but it was nice to have a couple days just the two of us with no responsibility and our own space. The morning before we left, we rented a tandem bicycle to ride it down this trail to a tinier town that had the most amazing French Silk pie you can imagine. (The strawberry-rhubarb was equally good.):

photo (1)

I’m happy to show off the bike and my girlish figure. But the point of this post, I guess, if there needs to be one, is that we rode this tandem together, Sarah and I, two people that haven’t ever (I think) been on a bike ride together on separate bikes. And now we were on one. And I think I about drove her crazy, because unbeknownst to me, my bicycling habit is to pedal as fast I can in order to get to a point where I can coast. Once the coasting has slowed to a less-than-effective rate, then I pedal as hard as I can to get back to the coast. Sarah, from the back of the bike, asked, Why can’t you just keep pedaling?

I don’t know. I hadn’t thought of that.

But it’s probably reflective of how I live. It’s definitely reflective of how I write. Sprint, coast, sprint, coast. Sticktoittiveness is not my forte. I don’t know if I just get bored or so enjoy the coasting that the superpedalling is worth it or what. But I’d like to learn to pedal consistently at some point, instead of always finding myself in a flurry of paper and spokes and whatever other chaos I can cram in.

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