My daughter has almost zero sense of humor. Which isn’t to say she doesn’t do hilarious things–they’re just never on purpose. Her little brother on the other hand has a pretty impressive understanding of jokes for a 2-year-old. And I think Eden has noticed, so lately she put out a little more comedic effort.

Eden [already laughing]: Judah! Do you want to hear a question that will make you laugh so hard?

Judah: Sure.

Eden: Are you a truck?

She then proceeded to laugh as loudly and exaggerated as she could. Judah joined in, but it was definitely a toddler courtesy laugh.

She turned 4 yesterday. Four! I know everyone says this: It’s incredible how fast they grow. But some things people say because they’re true.

I have a gift for taking things for granted. I don’t think I’m alone in this. Today, with the two of them in the back of the car, trying to tell jokes and being good and kind to each other, I was overwhelmed. It can be a sublime life.

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