It’s hard out here for a … Midwesterner.

I’ve spent the morning scanning my book for typos and feel the overwhelming need to apologize if you’ve got one (or three) in your book. The apology probably isn’t best practice–I don’t know what best practice is but I’d guess it runs along the lines of pretending like there are no mistakes. This is where Midwestern roots run in dissonance with the self-promoting necessary to hock copies of a book.

I hate self-promoting. All of it–writing the blog included–feels icky, which is the best word I can think of for it. What I should be telling you is that my publisher is going to send my book in for a National Book Award–this is why I’m skimming for typos. But even then, what I want to say is Anyone with a publisher and a couple of dollars can be put up for a book award.

It’s hard to tell sometimes if its humility or roots. Or just #humblebrag. Maybe it’s some sort of combination, like most things. But what I really wanted to get to here, is a broad brush THANK YOU for all the support, kind words, and buying of books that you’ve done. It means the world to me; that’s actually what I’ve been overwhelmed with–the immense support and love from great people, far and wide.

And thanks for not sending a million emails pointing out the little things. The stories, the whole of them, are good and I’m hoping people get that.

Besides, when this little collection that could explodes, winning awards from fancy-pants folks, you’ll get to say: I own a copy with typos, I was there at the beginning. Right?

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