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Continues to undergo changes. The Gentleman Joe Mann has been heretofore exceptionally helpful and willing. As long as this courtesy continues, I’ll be able to continue adding super fantastic things, like places to download old albums and ways to sign up for my as-yet-nonexistent mailing list. Would you like a mailing list to sign up for? Do you want to be able to order albums that I made a decade ago? (Do I want you to be able to order those albums?) I’m a big believer in community and I’m hoping to build one around this fancypants website, so I’d love your input. That’s what the comments section is for, I suppose. Please, feel free to sound your voice. If I (or The Gentleman Joe Mann) can swing it, we’ll do our best to help in your personal pursuit of happiness and, by extension, the happiness of the entire universe.

And as payment for your input, how about a free EP? From the demo-ish basement sessions of microsongwriting: Short.

short album cover

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  1. Hi Luke. I would love to have a copy of your tunes both new, old or otherwise. Once upon a time I would have liked to have thrown darts at pictures of THE DUDE. He has come a long way though. The universe is good 🙂

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