The Record is Here.

I would say there has been some delay, but let’s think about it as extra anticipation. And who doesn’t like extra anticipation? There’s been a lot of anticipation in it for me; some of these songs are 4+ years old. When we (Josh Engen and I–along with a little bass and drums from fellow Elephant Hearts Ryan Knitter and Jacob Champlin) first started recording it a year ago, I had some doubts about how it would all fit together. The songs felt like a pile of leftover puzzle pieces, their original sets long gone. But Josh had great vision and was able to convince me that I didn’t need a million moving parts to make the song come to life–that they had plenty of life in them and, in fact, the less I got in the way, the better they would sound. So there are hints of electric guitars in a couple (one with more than a hint) and drums and bass on one track, but for the most part we just kept stripping away. I would send Josh these multilayered recordings and he would say Josh-like stuff: “Heh” or “Well”. Then I would show up at his house (his studio: The Vatican of Awesome) and we would chuck it all and he would set up two microphones and I would take his dad’s old, little-bodied Gibson with 20 year old strings and we would just let the songs be the songs. So if you’re looking for a $10,000 record, this is not it. And if you’re looking for party music, you should read the second story in the collection–maybe the first too–but these songs aren’t party music. Unless you’re having quiet, wintertime parties where everyone sits around a fire, silently sipping tea and cider and thinking slightly sad thoughts. And slightly hopeful ones. That’s the way of the world though, at least from my perspective. A little sad, but at the core, pretty hopeful. And that’s the songs. A little sad, a little hopeful, and chock full of humanity–hisses, scratches, voice cracks, and all.

The North Woods Hymnal Download


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