Bob Boilen

Hey! You out there! All seven of you!

Start listening to NPR’s “All Songs Considered”. There’s not a better place to get new music. And Bob Boilen, the host, is a superdork, which makes listening to it so easy. He spends the podcast playing songs that he loves and listening to other people’s picks. And he’s–incredibly–rarely negative. And when he is negative, it’s never mean. Which is a fresh breeze in the toxic air of elitist music critique (myself included).

A couple years ago I stopped listening to new music. I got stuck in my 12 favorite records from the second half of my college career. I think this is natural. Putting new music in your head is hard enough; it takes real effort (or community) to go out of your way to find. And then letting is ooze into your heart to coagulate among your all-time favorites: nearly impossible.

But worth it. There’s some great stuff going on out there. For instance:

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