How We Learn

Eden is sick this morning. I woke up at 6:30 to her crying and when I went into their room she was sitting up in bed, hands cupped in front of her, full of vomit.

This isn’t the sort of thing you’re suppose to blog about, I’m sure, but that’s an advantage to having a blog that no one reads.

Anyway, she’s a great kid when she’s sick. I mean she’s usually great period, but her sweetness is at full strength when she’s sick. Which is totally the opposite of me. Which got me thinking: Do we learn to complain about being sick? I swear this is not a blame the parents thing; I’m genuinely interested in how we learn things.

So we’re sitting in bed, Eden and I, playing some Disney Jr. game on the computer and I realized that I was mock-complaining every time her character got to move extra spaces (it was like a board game on the computer–weird). But she wasn’t complaining when I got to move extra spaces. Not until halfway through the game anyway.

What will I teach my children without thinking about it? I realize that at some point in everyone’s life they groan about turning into their parents. But I didn’t think about parents groaning that their poor children would someday turn into them.

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