AWP Conference

I’ve been at the AWP Conference for the last three days, sometime manning the River Otter table at the book fair, other times attending panels of experts talking about writing and writing stuff. I think AWP stands for the Association of Writers and Writing Programs, but that first Writers might not be right (it would make it AWWP, right?).

Anyway. It was an interesting experience. It was mostly shaking hands. I might have gotten myself a guest lecture spot at a low-res MFA program, though I’m not certain. If that comes true, it was worth it. Even if it doesn’t, it was probably still worth it. I sold a few books (including my first stranger sell) and I gave away a couple too. But the thing strongest thing I came away with is a desire to put beautiful things in the world. There were a lot of beautiful books there (some clunkers too, but we won’t talk about that). I want to help people make beautiful books. But first: Will you buy them?

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