Spring Training Brain

Spring Training started yesterday. At least the games did. For the Twins, anyway. And if you know anything about Spring Training, you know that it doesn’t mean anything. Especially in late February. Or rather it doesn’t mean anything with regard to the regular season. (Regard? Or regards?)

But it means something to me. It means that however little focus I have during the rest of the year, that bit is not nearly shot to pieces. Because there’s baseball being played somewhere. This probably goes back to Pressfield’s resistance–and I’m just using baseball as an excuse to get me out of grading 53 article analyses or booking this (or these) summer tour(s) or returning emails to the handful of people that need a response.

Is it resistance? Probably. But it’s also baseball. So I don’t care.

(And if you’d like me to come play/read in your town/living room–just contact me.)

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